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“I felt really comfortable speaking to them compared to other companies i found on the internet. They took immediate action and called the IRS with me. I really appreciate their help and strongly recommend them.

Frankie,  September 11, 2013

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Signature Tax is a well established Tax Resolution Firm with over 150 years of tax resolution experience. We have helped thousands of clients resolve their tax liability and boost a 98% client satisfaction rating, which is the highest in the industry.

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The following are just a few of the thousands of comments made by our satisfied clients:

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Jill M., August 4, 2013


Best Tax Preparation

“The Signature Tax experts did a great job working with me on my tax returns. They went through my tax organizers proactively and advised me of allowable business expenses and personal deductions that my previous tax prepares had missed. I wound up with State and IRS refunds beyond my expectations. I am very appreciative of their expertise.”

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Bonnie G., August 4, 2013


Successful Innocent Spouse Relief

“I was surpised to find the IRS coming after me for taxes based on my ex-husband’s income which had been understated on our final joint return. When my CPA was unsuccessful helping me I turned to Cliff Aaron,the very experienced tax attorney who heads the legal department of Signature Tax. Cliff applied to the IRS and I was granted Innocent Spouse Relief totally freeing me of the back taxes. As a single mother with two kids I could not have made it without that tax help. I give my highest recommendation!”

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Kim E., August 6, 2013


Release of IRS Levy in ONE DAY!!

“Just want to say I was so completely stressed out trying to resolve an IRS tax issue that was getting worse by the minute. It came down to me not being able to get a paycheck that was over $3000.00. When my office administrator said she couldn’t give it to me because she had just received a letter from the IRS I was devastated! I immediately called Cliff Aaron and within HOURS the check was in my hands and I was able to pay my mortgage and other bills. Since then Cliff Aaron and Greg Lomori have been working with me to solve my tax issue and having them help me is more than I could have ever expected. They always promptly return emails and phone calls and I honestly don’t know what I would have done without them. I feel like I’m on a path to a new life.”

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Karen N., August 6, 2013


Tax Relief

“This past year I used Cliff and Greg to help me with my tax problems, what a great job they did, I settled for 5% of my taxes owed. This was a huge relief for me. I am truly indebted to them. Highly recommend them to anyone that is looking to tax relief.”

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Leon J., August 16, 2013


Awesome !!

“I just want to Thank Cliff and Greg for the exceptional work for helping me with my complex Tax Problems. They help me to save $$ THOUSANDS OF DOLLARS Of back Taxes. These gentlemen are wonderful they are the BEST! I would far most recommend them to anyone
that have back Taxes and owe Thousands of dollars to the IRS. They will work for you and give you the best results!”

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Dr. Matthew, September 14, 2013


Great Advice That Lowered My Taxes

“As a medical doctor I was subject to significant state and federal taxes. Cliff Aaron of Signature Tax helped me to organize my records and maximize my deductions to minimize my tax burden. He did a great job for me and I will continue to use his company’s tax services ”

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Jeff, September 19, 2013


Very Satisfied

“I would like to thank Signature Tax for providing implacable service. They really took the time to go through the whole process with me and go over my situation. My case was handled in a very timely manner by a great team of people who actually care about their clients. I can actually sleep at night now and not worry about owing to the IRS.”

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Signature Tax has thousands of happy clients like these and we wish we could list them all. Why don’t you give us an opportunity to put your tax troubles behind you?